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Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

Construction Science and Management

Rapidly changing technological problems in the construction industry demand ever-increasing competence and technical skill. Graduation from K-State's four-year Construction Science and Management curriculum will enable you to advance as far in this expanding industry as your talent and determination will take you. Those who advance the fastest and are most successful are those who have acquired the proper academic training to meet the increasing complexity of this industry.

A career in construction means an active life, rich in self-satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. The rewards are many - salaries in general are very generous, and the financial rewards for those graduates who eventually become owners of their own companies are unlimited.

The K-State Construction Science and Management program is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).

The purpose of the construction science and management program is to prepare you to be a professional constructor: a competent manager of resources that include manpower, material, equipment, time and money to meet project expectations of quality, safety, schedule and cost.  The program is an engineering-based management program designed to produce technically competent managers of construction.

In preparation for a degree in construction science and management, the high school or community college student should take all courses available in math, physics, English and speech.

You may also want to refer to a very informative website ConstructMyFuture.com. It offers students, parents and teachers a wealth of information about construction careers, from engineering and design to the manufacturing and distribution side of the industry. There are links to scholarship and educational information.

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