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Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

Advisory Council

Architectural Engineering Current Members

Sarah Appleton
Wallace Engineering
 Steven Busey
BSE Structural Engineers
David W. Dawson
W.L. Cassell & Associates, Inc.
 Dennis Downes
Marc Feyh
Henderson Engineers, Inc.
 Darren Harvey
Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.
Chris Kearney
exp Global Inc.
 Mark Montgomery
Kevin Quinn
Haris Engineering, Inc.
 Jeff Romine
Brack & Associates Consulting Engineers
Daniel C. Thien
Purdy-McGuire, Inc.
 Tom Waggoner

Construction Science and Management Current Members

Damian Buessing
Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
 Tim Chadwick
MMC Corp.
Dan Foltz 
KBS Constructors, Inc.
 Mike Gibson
AGC of Kansas
Jeff Grier
 Todd Knight 
McCownGordon Construction
Luke Kunkel 
Conco Construction
 Bryan Newell
Riley Construction Company, Inc.
Gregg Oblinger
Simpson Construction
 Jim Rinner
Bartlett & West
Patrick Schutter 
BHS Construction
 Mark Sell 
Crossland Heavy Contractors
Steve Swanson 
Centric Projects
 Fred Willich
Hi-Tech Interiors, Inc.