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Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

Jongchul Song | Associate Professor

Jongchul SongPh.D. - 2005, University of Texas at Austin
Civil Engineering
M.S. - 2002, University of Texas at Austin
Civil Engineering
B.S. - Yonsei University, South Korea
Architectural Engineering

Contact Information

2054 Seaton Hall

Professional Experience

Prior to attending a graduate school, Jongchul worked for a Korean general contractor, Lotte Engineering and Construction, for two years as a project engineer at a 26-story, 358-room, four-star hotel project site in Malaysia. He is a licensed professional engineer in Minnesota.


Jongchul has conducted several research projects sponsored by various organizations. He is best known for his research on tracking construction materials using radio frequency identification and GPS technology. Most recently, he was a principle investigator for an NDDOT sponsored research project on tracking asphalt pavement temperatures during construction using an infrared camera. His current research interests include CM at Risk contractor selection, cost estimating and automated as-built quantity tracking.

Academic Highlights

Prior to joining K-State in 2017, Jongchul was a faculty member at North Dakota State University for 10 years where he developed and/or taught nine construction courses, including construction contracts. In 2013, he was inducted into Sigma Lambda Chi. While at NDSU, he coached ASC student competition teams over a three-year period, placing seven teams in four different divisions including two first placements.