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Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

Dan Hall | Instructor

Photo of Dan HallB.S. - 1980, Kansas State University
Construction Science
B.S. - 1974, Kansas State University
Psychological Science

Contact Information

2082 Seaton Hall

Professional Experience

Mr. Hall spent the 1970's at Kansas State off and on, earning two degrees and working four years full-time in the design build business. He joined the ARE-CNS faculty after retiring from a 38-year career in the corporate world of building design and construction, where he was part owner of a civil engineering firm of 80 employees in four office locations. Prior to this final 30-year leg of his professional career, Hall’s background included experience with two design build companies. Dan worked in a variety of different positions in industry, including design of power and lighting systems, computerization of technical specifications, production of architectural and structural plans, preparation of complete bidding and contract documents, design and layout of presentation materials, development of a standardized construction cost estimating program for design professionals, and organization of design projects from start to finish. His experience on the construction side included construction inspection of civil engineering and architectural projects, field testing, and execution of construction contracts from bidding to project close out. During Hall’s years of service with the civil engineering consulting firm as a vice president and member of the Board of Directors, he learned the financial and management components of running a business corporation. Hall received several awards and public recognition for his work, and still maintains his license as a Professional Architect in the State of Kansas.


Hall’s current research is centered around the field of architectural acoustics, and how building acoustics affect people in psychological and physiological ways. Ongoing research activities include the interpretation of building life safety codes, and the proper methods for applying the Americans with Disabilities Act to building design.

Academic Highlights

Hall has created complete project manuals for hundreds of varied building and site improvements, ranging from small commercial to large industrial facilities. He has also spoken to countless groups about his work, and is known for his attention to detail, along with his ability to build consensus with folks to reach a common goal. At K-State, Hall has taught construction materials, architectural engineering design, construction drawing, and acoustics.