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Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

Shannon Casebeer | Assistant Professor

Photo of Shannon CasebeerJim and Carolyn Grier Construction Science Chair

M.S. - 2016, North Dakota State University
Construction Management
B.S. - 1992, Kansas State University
Construction Science and Management

Contact Information

2083 Seaton Hall


Mr. Casebeer’s current research involves exploration into the use of common recyclable household consumer waste plastics to create new construction materials. His projects to date have involved research into the concept of plastic masonry units, and their potential applications for load-bearing and non load-bearing partitions.

Academic Highlights

Casebeer is the recipient of the 2015 AGC of Kansas Faculty Award and the 2016 Eugene Thorson Faculty Award. He is a member of the Associated General Contractors of Kansas, the American Society of Professional Estimators and the U.S. Green Building Council.