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Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

Student Ambassadors

The mission of ARE-CNSM Ambassadors is to advance the department through meaningful representation while promoting excellence within our students, organizations, and college. We are dedicated to serving our fellow students, prospective students, alumni, faculty, friends, and each other in order to reach and maintain the success that our department strives to attain.

  • Chair: Dawson Bailey, ARE
  • Hannan Bartel, CNSM
  • Kati Benton, ARE
  • Dawson Borcherding, CNSM
  • Alec Coast, CNS
  • Francesca Ferrera, ARE
  • Kyle Johnson, ARE
  • Calvin Koch, ARE
  • Isaac Leon, CNSM
  • Isaac Neal, CNSM
  • Catelyn Rees, ARE
  • Tyler Thayer, ARE